joshua neustein bio

Born 1940, Danzig Poland
Lives and works in New York, NY
City College New York  BA 1961
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 
Teaching at Bezalel Academy  1975-79


Jerusalem Prize 1972
Sandberg Prize 1974
Guggenheim Fellowship 1986
Pollock Krasner Fellowship
Israel Pavillion  Venice Biennale 1995


2016 Erasures and Knife Braverman Gallery
2014 Conversation Joshua Neustein, Reuven Israel Braverman Gallery
2012 UNTITLED Gallery, New York, NY
  Road Piece Installation, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, cur. by Philipp Kaiser and Miwon Kwon
  Drawing in the Margins, Israel Museum, Jerusalem cur. Meira Perry Lehmann
  Independent Fair Untitled NY Gallery  solo show
2011 Joshua Neustein / Sergej Jensen / N. Dash, UNTITLED, New York, NY cur. Joel Mesler Carol Cohen
2009 Qumran, Julie M. Gallery, Toronto, CA, cur. Erica Segal
  Margins, Royal Museum, Ontario, CAN
2007 Bubble Wrap, Gal-On Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
2006 Boiling Point, Kollek Stadium, Jerusalem, IL cur. Hedva Shemesh
2005 Luftkissen, Sherring Art Space, Berlin, DE
2001 Flags – Markers, Venice Biennale, IT, cur. by Doron Polack
2000 Domestic Tranquility Bne Brak, Hertzliya Museum of Art, Hertzliya, IL cur. Wendy Shafir, Director Dalia Levin
1998 Drawings of Change, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, PRC, cur. by Manon Slome
  Polish Forests, Magnetic Fields, Carbon Copies, Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA, US, cur. by Susan Stoops and Wendy Shafir
1997 Geographiestunde, Andreas Weiss Gallerie, Berlin, DE cur. Wendy Shafir
1996 Carbon Series, Magnetic Field Drawings, Berlin Shafir Gallery, New York, US
  Recent Rust Metal Maps and Bubble Wrap Maps, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
  Light on the Ashes, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston Salem, NC, US cur. Jeff Flemming, Director Susan Talbott
1995 Magnetic Drawings, Wynn Kramarsky Exhibition Space, New York, NY, US, cur. by Wendy Shafir
  The Possessed Library (David Koresh), Venice Biennale Israeli Pavilion, Venice, IT
1994 The Carbon Series, Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
1993 The Carbon Series, Still Life on the Border, Grey Art Gallery, New York, NY, US, cur. by Tom Sokolowsky
  Early and Late Works by Joshua Neustein, Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York, NY, US
1992 The Carbon Series, Albright Know Gallery, Buffalo, NY, US, cur. by Douglas Schultz
1989-90 Territory/Territory, Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia Museum of Judaica, Philadelphia, PA, US
1987 Joshua Neustein, Maps, Exit Art, New York, NY, US cur. Jeanette Ingberman
1984 Gallery X+, Brussels, BE
  The Hidden Drawings, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
1983 Joshua Neustein: The Bethlehem Series Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US
  Three Paper Works by Joshua Neustein, Saint Peter’s Church, A Congregation of the
Lutheran Church in America in America, NY, US, cur. by Judith Neaman
1983 Joshua Neustein’s Maps, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL cur. Yigal Zalmona
  Drawings 1983, de Menasce Gallery, Israel Museum, IL
1980 Where are the Miami Indians, City Beautiful Council, Dayton, OH, US
1979 Nistar, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
1978 Neustein: Recent Works, Velar Gallery, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
1978 Neustein, Folded Canvases, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, NY, US
1977 Neustein – Ten Years of Works on Paper, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, IL,  cur. by Sarah Breitberg, Director Marc Scheps
1975 Dogma, Yodfat Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
1974 Joshua Neustein Drawings 1970-1973, Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York, NY, US
1973 Two Installation Projects: The Sound of Pine Cones Opening in the Sun and Hay Bales, Hay Bindings, Yodfat Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
1972 Jerusalem River Project, Gallerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, FR
1971 Travel Art, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, UK Director Nicholas Serrota
1969 Boots Artists House made by Joshua Neustein Georgette Batlle



Permanent Collection Israel Museum Jer. IS cur. Amitai Mendelson
Floor Paintings Bezalel Art Gallery cur Nicola Trezzi


David Lewis gallery NY Ah-Sun-Flower- Jack-Smith-Francis-Picabia the-bar-at- the-en of-the-night-
by-charles-mayton-and-lukas-knipscher; Danese Corey Gallery NY “The Museum Imagined”
The Museum Presetns Itsef  Permanent Collection Tel Aviv Museum IS (two works on Paper)

2014 Untitled Gallery (now Mesler Feuer Gallery) George Nakashima: In Conversation
2013 Prague Biennale cur. Nicola Trezzi,
Jerusalem Drawing Biennale cur. Tal Yahas
Mariannne Boesky Gallery NY “Estate of Lucie Fontaine” group show cur. Lucy Fontaine
Steven Zevitas Gallery Boston StrokeTrace/Blow,
Herzeliya Museum An Ideological Collection. Curated Dalia Levin
Yona Fischer Collection Ashdod Museum, Israel
2012 To the Ends of the Earth, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA, US
  Connected / Verbunden, Kunstverein Villa 1912, Kroepelin, DE
2011 Paper Trails: Selected Works from the Collection, 1934-2001, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, cur. Marla Prther
  Nature Nation, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, IL cur. Raphie Etgar
  West End, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, IL, cur. Raphie Etgar
2010 The Right to Protest, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, IL, cur. Raphie Etgar
2009 Nature Nation, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, IL, cur. Raphie Etgar
2005 Poles Apart, Venice Biennale Maritime Museum, Venice, IT, cur. by Doron Polack
2004 What Did I Forget, Petach Tikva Museum, Petach Tikva, IL, cur. by Drorit Gur Arye
2003 Anxiety Fanning the Fear, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY, US cur. Manon Slome
  Good Morning America, Zilka Gallery, Wesleyan University, Middleton, CT, US, cur. by Nina Felshin
2002 Tree, JCC, New York, NY Manon Slome
2001 Love at First Sight, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL Dangerous Beauty, Rose Gallery, New York, NY, US,
2000 The End, Exit Art, New York, NY, US, Shattered Glass metal shelf hidden map. cur. by Jeanette Ingberman
1999 The Aquarelle in Israeli Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL, cur. by Meira Perry Lehmann
1998 From One Root, Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA, US cu. Shafir and Stoops
1997 The Blind Library, Beit Ariela Municipal Library, Tel Aviv, IL cur. Wendy Shafir
1995 The Tent that Tore Itself to Pieces, Tel Hai Symposium Gideon Ofrat
  Tantalus, Artists’ Museum Mitzpe Ramon, Negev region, IL vandalyzed
1993 The Wedding, Artists’ Museum, Lodz, PL Doron Pollak
  Words and People, Artists’ Museum, Lodz, PL Wendy Shafir
1992 Look Who’s Talking, The Wedding, Schauspielhaus, Dusseldorf, DE Hurbertus Wunschik
1989 Blind Patriot of the Sun, Dutch TV
  Gold Shit (an environmental action project), Streets of major cities in Israel, Rio de Janeiro, and New York
1988 Upon One of the Mountains, Genia Shreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL cur. Moti Omer
  Israeli Artists, Images Gallery, Stockbridge, MA, US
1987 Immigrants and Refugees/Heroes or Villains, Exit Art, New York, NY, US
1984 The Rational Factor in Works by Israeli Artists, Haifa Museum of Modern Art, IL cur
  The Disciplined Spirit, Exit Art, New York, NY, US Bertha Urdang
1983 Still Life, Tel Hai International Symposium, Lebanon/Israeli border cur. Amnon Barzel
1982 Lauri Anderson, Farrell Brickhouse, Scott Burton, Denise Freen, Woldgang Liab, Joshua Neustein, Lucio Pozzi,
Maritin Puryear, Haim Steinbach,
Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI, US
Torn Paper Works,
Stadlische Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, DE
1981 New Directions: Torn Paper Works, Sidney Janis Gallery, New York, NY, USA
  Heidi Gluck, Joshua Neustein, David Reed, Joel Shapiro, Richard Tuttle, Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York, US cur. Lawrence Luhring
1978-76 Territorial Imperative (performance), Golan Heights, Krusa, DK; Belfast, IE; invited then ejected by Documenta, Kassel, DE
1973 The Birth of Language, Stick Piece (action for documentation), artist’s studio, Jerusalem, IL
later shown in Rose ARt Museum and Tel Aviv Museum
1972 Picture Plane (action for documentation), artist’s studio, Jerusalem, IL shown Israel Museum cur.Elisheva Cohen
1971 Barrier Piece, Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, IL cur. Yona Fischer
1970 Jerusalem River Project, made by Joshua Neustein, Gerry Marx and Georgette Batlle
Wadi in Vallery of Kidron Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, IL cur. Yona Fischer
  Road Piece, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, IL
1969 Boots, artist’s house, Jerusalem, IL
1968 Rainwater, artist’s house, Jerusalem, IL cur. Yossi Goldstein